Through design, I have been able to discover all my skills in a variety that allows me to express my sensitivity and romanticism, concepts that are the foundation of my spirituality. In stones I have found a different new world. Their shades and energy reflect peace and nature. Through them I have protagonism in History

Each design is a unique moment, an unparalleled experience, a piece of my love. My pieces lead me to a journey and I lay my dreams in them.
Today, I turn timelessnes into innovation, and gather this energy and deliver it as a creation.

The concept is life and the perfect experience is the personal one. You only have to encounter with matter, to discover in its energy our own reflection.

My whole being is in this collection I present today. I manifest my art in all its expressions, enhancing the gems and metals. This grants women and men the opportunity to embody this image and revive feelings of seduction and passion.

Mauricio Passerini